Authentic Ayurvedic Products

Herbs are wonders of nature & if used properly, then can generate miracles in human health. Herbs are one of the key elements in Ayurvedic lifestyle & therapies. Our products are made from the purest quality of organic herbs in accordance with ancient Ayurvedic formulas.

All the herbal products listed here are described solely as food supplements to maintain and / or enhance general health, prevent imbalance and purge toxins. They are not claimed to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

We offer variety of highest quality products, please visit our office or call for details.

Herbs- Banyan Botanicals 

BanyanThis is one of our biggest resource for herbs. We use herbal pills, powders and liquid extract a lot at the center. We make customize formulation of the herbs at the center and they are available to buy once recommended.

Herbs have magical healing properties when used appropriately.







Herbal Tea – Maharshi Ayurveda

Available for sale anytime. Varieties include – Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Worry Free, Sniffle free, Herbal Tea Sampler, Golden Transition, Slumber Tea, Be Trim.
Enjoy warm herbal tea and Khichadi after relaxing therapies in our beautiful court-yard.
Company - Maharishi Ayurveda












Organic Ghee  –  Pondicheri

Our Organic ghee comes from Pondicheri restaurant, one of the top 10 restaurants in Houston. Ghee is used in Ayurveda for thousands of year as it balances all three Doshas. Best oil for human consumption.







Khichadi  – Ayur Foods
Available for sale anytime. Varieties include – Moong Khichadi, Lentil Khichadi, Couscous khichadi, Upama, Quinoa spice mix.
Quick, easy, tasty and healthy soul food. Let your food be your medicine.
Company - Ayur Foods

Ayurvedic Skin Care  –  Bindi

Available for sale anytime. Varieties include – Pitta Essential Oil, Rose Body Lotion, Saffron Ghee, Bath Oil, and Face Mask.
Ayurveda says skin care products should be natural as skin is absorbing/eating whatever is applied topically.







Tooth powder –  Anti Aging Company

Happy Teeth & Gum Powder, one of our best selling product.
Prepared according Ayurvedic understanding of balancing herbal combination known to be best for oral cavity.




Specialized Oils or Ghee – Customized and formulated by Sunita.

Home grown herbs are used in these elaborate process of preparing herbal oils and Ghee. Preparation is more effective as chanting is carried out during entire process.
Varieties include – Abhyanga Oil, Sesame Oil, Brahmi Oil, Turmeric Oil, Skin Care Oil, Anuloman oil, Markav Oil, 100% washed Ghee (Shatadhauta Ghrita), Phalaghrita etc.
Special personal touch to our products!

Herbal Heating Pads- Customized Product of Houston Ayurveda Center.

Available for sale anytime. Microwavable, portable, easy to use. Very popular product with specialized herbs and safe to use with oils. Will last for months if used properly.
Heating pads