Delicious Khichadi

Khichadi is a go-to recipe that is not only healthy and easy to digest, it’s delicious and easy to make. Some people prepare Khichadi on the stove top or with a pressure cooker, but the rice cooker is the most convenient since it can cook unattended. I like to start this dish in the morning and by the time I’m ready to leave the house, my lunch is cooked and ready to go!

Khichadi Masala Recipe


Mustard seeds                                                        1 cup

Cumin seeds roasted                                             ½ cup

Hing                                                                         1 Table spoon

Turmeric                                                                  3 table spoon

Masala                                                                     2 table spoon

Brown Sugar                                                           2 table spoon

Sesame seeds Roasted                                        1 cup

Dried shredded Coconut roasted                          1 cup

Salt                                                                          ½ cup or To taste


Put all ingredients in blender and make coarse powder. Store this Khichadi masala in air tight jar. It can stay good in pantry for months together. No need to refrigerate.

For making khichadi:

    Turn on rice cooker


    Wash 1 cup of jasmine rice with ½ cup of yellow Mung daal and keep it aside


In rice cooker add 1 Table spoon Ghee, 4 Tablespoon of Masala and mix in washed           rice & daal. Add 4 cups of water.

Stir couple of times during cooking and adjust water according to the consistency you like

You can change the grain and lentil of choice for variation