Initial Consultations

Wherever you are in life, this is a step towards improvement!

Your first Ayurvedic Consultation will take about 90 minutes and will include a pulse reading and an assessment of your physical characteristics and state of digestion.

The goal of your visit will steer the conversation, but Sunita will definitely be asking you about the foods you are eating, your daily routine, and your history, both physical and emotional.

A question we get a lot is, “Do you treat ….?”

The answer is always YES!

Whatever your complaint, complication or confusion with life may be, Sunita can help you find the solution.

Ayurveda treats YOU, not your illness. Your illness isn’t you, it is something your body has created in an attempt to correct an imbalance. So the question really is, what have you given your body to work with that this is what it made?

The thing that makes Ayurveda such a great solution to evasive or chronic problems is that your life is the blueprint, it is where the problem begins and over time, where it will end. We won’t tell you to stop eating all of the foods you enjoy, but we may ask you to approach them in a different way. We won’t tell you to stop running if you love to run, but we may ask you to try running at a different time of day.

When you leave your consultation with Sunita you will have a list of “Healthy Tips.” These tips may include modifications to your daily routine, some guidance on how to better your relationship with your food and any recommended treatments: exercises to do, herbs to take or maybe a session of body work here at the Center.

Follow Up Consultations

We will generally give you a time frame of when to check back in with Sunita to see how you are doing with your list of recommendations. If you have been asked to do a specific regimen of body work/cleansing she generally likes to see you two weeks after completion.

If you have been given herbs to take for a specific amount of time, come back and see us when they run out. We use herbs as a crutch until your body catches up.

If you are in a place where you are maintaining balance we recommend you make an appointment for a follow up every few months or any time you feel you are struggling with motivation or if you feel the season is getting the best of you (allergies or bugs going around).

Give us a call now @ (713) 623-0005 for any questions or to make an appointment.