Eating Right, the Ayurvedic way

iStock_000020750797SmallAyurveda (The science of life) is wisdom of Health and Happiness. According to Ayurveda diet along with sleep and lifestyle, is a fundamental pillar of good health and longevity. Diet is essential part of our life. It is the building block of our body. With its help body develop new cells, tissues, hormones, enzymes, which are essential for all physiological functions of the body. Diet not only nourishes our body but our mind also.

If you eat a balanced diet, at proper times each day, and are able to get a good night sleep each night, you have the basis for a stable, balanced physiology and your mind and body will function at optimum level. If you digest your food properly, your body can use the nutrients to build the different types of body tissue and replace worn out cells and tissues quickly. Let your food be your medicine.

We periodically offer cooking classes & teach prepare tasty and healthy vegetarian meals. Please check upcoming events section for the next class.

When you come in to visit us next time, don’t forget to enjoy our freshly made delicious Khichadi or snack of the day! Remember, food is the most important factor in your health; let’s begin the healthy habits right here.

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