Cancer and Ayurveda

According to Upanishads, “As is a man’s will, so is his action, as is his action, so he becomes”.

The cause and the cure of all disease are born with the body itself. Ayurveda focuses on finding and treating the root cause of the disease. Interestingly, there are some similarities between Ayurvedic principles and the latest findings on the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Each cancer is unique in the way it grows and develops, its chances of spreading, the way it affects one’s body and the symptoms one may experience. According to Sir Paul Nurse, who received the Noble Prize for medicine last year, cancer is caused when certain genes get damaged in the body, as a result, is unable to check a proliferation of its own cells. Why and how these genes become damaged is still a mystery for the Modern science.
Ayurveda describes that each person has physical and mental constitution. Each person is born with unique nature or personality. For maintaining health it is important to maintain this “original” PRAKRITI or nature. This is done by wiser food choices and performing activities that are in harmony with our nature. Thus a state of balance is maintained at physical, psychological and spiritual level. This balance maintains a certain harmony and consistency, but remains flexible and responds to challenges of the moment. However, a disturbance in the state of natural balance leads to damage in the natural set of the body even at minute level including genes.

Cancer generally develops slowly, over a period of ten years or more, and it can arise from a single factor or combination of factors. Ayurveda propounds the principle of natural living. This includes foods, environment, lifestyle and similar things. Modern life often violates principles of natural living. Artificial light and air, processed and preserved food items, polluted environment, ingestion of chemicals, overworking physically as well as mentally, negative emotions, stress causing factors are opposite to Ayurvedic principles of natural living. Inventing new chemicals or drugs may actually increase the problem or create new problems on the cancer front. It is time to become aware of the root cause of the problem and make appropriate changes in our food, lifestyle and environment.

Ayurveda describes cancer as “Vriddhi” or “Arbuda”. In this condition, the blood becomes impure due to aggravation of one or more Dosha. This impurity of the blood is actually related to subtle part of blood (Rakta Dhatu), and is not detected by physical tests. The Dosha may get aggravated due to number of factors including smoking, alcohol, breathing in chemical fumes, processed food or smoked, cured, pickled food. According to Ayurveda the impure blood along with aggravated Dosha circulated in the whole body and relocates in a region that has week immunity. Cancerous cell can change their shapes so that they can filter through tissue and reach all parts of the body. As a result the normal function of blood in that region (organ/system) is disrupted. One of the main functions of blood is transporting PRANA (life air) to each cell, the smallest functional unit of the body.

Prana according to Ayurveda, is not only oxygen but also contains a subtle force or vital energy, which empowers the cell to perform its normal functions including cell division. Due to localization of improper Rakta Dhatu, Prana reaching the cells of that particular region also becomes impure. This leads to improper cell division termed as cancer. If this is not detected at an early stage, the impurity spreads to other region having weak immunity. Thus the cancer spreads to other organs in the body.

Cancer kicks in a victim, far more than is observed by the layman’s eye.
Physical wasting aside, the stress and the trauma inflicted on the mental and emotional being of a patient and the added burden of expensive treatments is very difficult to digest. A surprising number of “cured” cancer patients have had their lives ruined by the “successful” surgery. Instead of aggressively attacking the tumor, many alternative therapies focus on rebuilding the body’s natural immunity and strengthening its inherent ability to destroy cancer cells. Such methods are there, not to replace conventional methods of curing , but to offer additional support to it. The most effective use of complementary therapies is often in combination with mainstream therapy.
The simple and powerful prevention-based approach is non-invasive, non-traumatic and generally do not interfere with other form of treatment. It can be summarized as follows:

• Diet and digestion: Eat diet that is rich in natural cancer-fighting chemicals. Focus on building a stronger physiology. Keep digestion working properly to enhance immunity and reduce toxin accumulation.
• Avoid smoking, alcohol, and environment pollutants.
• Modify lifestyle by sleeping at right time, reducing stress and emphasizing positive emotions.
• Bring harmony and peace into your life through meditation and Yoga.
• Ayurvedic Rasayana herb, when given together with other drugs increase the bioavailability of the drug that is being administered as the main therapy. The herbs used to treat these disease conditions have shown anti-cancerous activity. Some of them are as follows.

• Turmeric – (Protects the DNA of the cell)
• Tulsi – Basil – oscimum sanctum (anti-tumor activity)
• Ashwagandha – Withania Somnifera (growth inhibitory effect)
• Sadafuli – Cathamnthus roses
• Talispatra – Taxus bravifolia

Herbs like Ginger, aloe may relieve nausea that often accompanies conventional cancer therapies.

Once a disease has entered the body, all parts which are healthy must fight it, not one alone but all; because a disease might mean their common death. Nature knows this, and Nature attacks the disease with whatever help she can muster.

While many of the recommendations here are generic, we understand each person is different & has a unique personality; hence the needs are different. You can trust us help you achieve better health through all natural & proven teachings of Ayurveda.

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