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* Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience during my Panchakarma. A thing felt very natural and was able to keep most of my routines during treatment. It was gentle and soothing.      Ronnie

* Deep appreciation for your wonderful work. I have had numerous panchakarma treatments in the past and yours rates superior. You are very gifted. Houston is fortunate to have you. I will be a regular client.      Angi

* Excellent Relaxation and stress release Clinic, would defiantly recommend it.     Kiran

* This was a truly transformative experience. Like you said, I feel a weight lifted from my mind and my insides. Peaceful even. The changes I have during the panchakarma are wonderful. I look forward to seeing even more improvements as the fire is built back up. Thank you.     Liz

* You are an excellent teacher and coach. This is my first experience with Ayurveda and I am now a believer. I will continue on the path and will keep coming back. Thank you for all your help during panchakarma and I will send many more friends and family members your way.    Jeff