Our Vision

Ayurveda is not only our business; it’s our love, our life and our mission. Our practice can be summarized by the Sanskrit verse ‘Sarve Santu Niramaya’ which means, ‘May everybody live in perfect health, free from sickness and disease’.

We aspire to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda to our community and alleviate some stress from the daily struggle of finding a way to do it all: figuring out not only what to eat but also when and where and how to eat it! How to exercise in a way that helps instead of harms your body, and to find time for nurturing your inner peace… and when that is all done getting quality sleep to do it again tomorrow!

You have a full day already, you have school, job, family, pets and traffic slowing you down. Your repetitive movements or lack of movements are giving you aches and pains and you know you should do something about it but you are just so tired! We are here to help you look at your day and find the breakdowns that are negatively effecting your health and counsel you in how to replace foods, harmful habits and sources of anxiety in a manageable way.

Every day someone is broadcasting a new idea about what foods your body needs to live a life free of disease and full of energy, and they are so often diets of extremes. Ayurveda is about balance and recognizing that your daily environment, past and present, shapes your constitution. Ayurveda is the accumulated knowledge from thousands of years of trial and error, providing both the basic truths of a healthy lifestyle and the wisdom to see that each body with its own unique experience needs different things to achieve balance. We hope to enlighten and inspire the type of lifestyle that will result in achieving better health, helping you to have a healthy body that will be home to a healthy mind.

Health does not just mean absence of disease; it can be described as the state of physical, mental and social well-being. At Houston Ayurveda Center, we try to embrace all these aspects of health by promoting preventive and restorative practices. Charaka says ‘“What the patient knows is more important than what the practitioner knows. The successful Ayurvedic practitioner is not the one who heals the most patients, but the one who teaches his patients to heal themselves”. We believe in that and we practice that.